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There is so much different information out in the world about health and wellbeing. It is constantly in your face and it's overwhelming. And half of it isn't even true. My goal, for every single person I work with, is to help filter through some of that information. 

Before starting Mancini Wellness, I was stuck in a vicious cycle of negative habits and neglecting myself. I was without the right tools to get back to a place where I was happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. Now that I do have the tools, I love helping people avoid making the same mistakes I did or help people get back on track if they've misstepped. 

I am passionate about not only exercise and fitness, but also about changing behaviours, habits and practices. I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of schools, companies and individuals. Each of these experiences has left me with so much knowledge and continues to push me to improve my skills. Sustainable changes is what I always work towards and you will always be a priority! Health and wellness isn't just one thing. I know it has many faces, and many different pathways. I am just here to help you find yours! 

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