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Do I Need to Detox?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In short, no. In long, also no.

Detox, Cleanse, Reset or whatever else these are labeled and sold as ARE NOT NECESSARY. Your body has these fantastic things called kidneys and liver that's primary job is helping your body stay balanced. Skinny Tea, Detox Shake, Alkaline Cleanses and all the other names these have, "work" in a few different ways...

1) These things work because they are low in calories. This does not mean they are magic. You lose weight because the amount of calories (energy) you are eating is less than the energy you are using. This Calorie deficit = weight loss. The same result can be achieved with real, whole foods and you will feel better.

2) You lose "weight" because these cleanses are really just laxatives and you get diarrhea or excessive peeing for the entirety of the cleanse. The number on the scale might look smaller but it is just water. You're actually making your organs and body work harder by putting them through these. Guess what? The second you get off the diet, you add that weight back on because it was never actually fat loss.

3) These detox diets usually prevent users from eating within their normal diet. Maybe you do feel 'cleansed' after drinking your lemon and cayenne pepper meal for the week or maybe it is because you weren't drinking alcohol or you were cutting out your snacks. And again, after that cleanse people go back to the habits they had before.

So what?

So avoid the detox, avoid the cleanse, let your body BE. Let your organs do their job and if you don't think they are:

1) Go to the doctor

2) Get a blood panel done (You can get your vitamins and blood counts done and make sure everything is balanced and working correctly)

This is a whole lot cheaper than the stupid diet. When you see these pop up, you should also ask yourself who is selling or advertising it. Do they have your best interests at heart? Or are they selling it because it is good for them? Practice balanced habits, eat real food, drink your water, and get your body moving in as many ways as possible! This will be 100 times more sustainable and responsible! Remember, as cliche as it is, you only have one body. You may as well figure out how to take care of it so it can take care of you right back.

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