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Lockdown and Wellbeing

In this completely unexpected time, I find myself without the things that drive me. Without my routine, my sports, my work. Everything I do is contact and physical. The last weeks have brought stress - the same stress most of the world is feeling - but also a feeling of “what in the world now”. It’s more than easy to get caught in the scary, the unknown and the what next. The truth is, no one knows. What we knew of the world a month ago, is not going to be true in another month. More so, this (whatever this is) won’t be permanent.

As we are stuck at home more hours of the day, and some of us without as much work as we had before, most of us find ourselves on social media more often. While we are social distancing, it is a great way to keep in touch. However, it is also a total drain on our brain and wellbeing. I am sure you have seen thousands of posts preaching productivity. Use all this new found time to do something! Make money out of your hobbies! Go run a marathon! Learn a new language! Write a novel!

Those are all great ideas, but what if you’re just trying to make it through? Those ideas are great for people who are thriving, and don’t get me wrong - some people are. But there are also a lot of people, whether you see them or not, just trying to survive. I am not here to preach motivation right now. If sitting and watching Netflix is what is going to get you to tomorrow, then do it.

Everyone is surviving and handling this time differently. For me, it’s still to keep moving. And for a lot of people, activity will help, so try to do something small. Take that one walk you’re allowed! Play with your dog or your kids. Garden or whatever it is that brings you some sunshine. Just like in the previous post, physical activity will help most people. That doesn’t mean try to do a IronMan. It means move a little, do what feels good to you.

If you feel upset, maybe even angry - that is okay, even normal. We are all ‘allowed’ to grieve. Grieve our old lives, grieve the loss that is happening around the world, and even grieve the ways this will affect our future. But with any grief must come eventual acceptance and forward movement. No one can tell you how to feel, no one can tell you how to accept and move on. That is up to you. Of course there are better ways than others to cope and deal with things. I encourage everyone to find at least one positive thing to do each day. Even just reminding yourself of what you are grateful for each morning is a great place to start. Drink your water. Try to have a vegetable every now and then. Maybe turn off Tiger King and watch a light hearted movie.

The world we closed our doors on weeks ago, will not be the same world we open them back up to. While that is terrifying, try to find some strange comfort in it. Everyone is in this together. For once in a very long time, people all across the world are stuck in the same weird and wild situation. Change is terrifying, but it can be absolutely freeing.

Take every day as it’s own. Embrace the suck, embrace whatever is coming next. Find some small wins in the 24 hours you’re stuck at home. You don’t have to be productive, sometimes it’s just about finding your new normal.

No one is expected to be thriving right now, focus on surviving and doing what keeps you sane. Even if it doesn’t match your favorite instagram’s version. You offer the world the most when you are yourself, not trying to mimic someone else. That being said, if you are struggling - reach out for help. Don’t feel like you have to deal with anything alone. I guess my final thoughts are just; be well, stay home, and stay thankful for what you do have when you can. Stay kind to others, while doing what is best for you.

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